Geographia Technica, Issue no. 1/2013, pp. 47-55

Efficient spatial time-cost analysis for search of lost tourists


ABSTRACT: Least cost analysis for anisotropic processes rise the problem of time efficiency. That’s truer in case of emergency cases as is the search and rescue for lost persons, when several minutes can be decisive. We tried to review some of the possibilities of least cost analysis. Beside fast calculi we also want to make the application in a free environment and that’s why be started in R. Exploring the graph based and direct application of Dijkstra algorithm we encountered mutually exclusive problems: the fast algorithm was memory hungry, that which required reduced memory was very slow. To overcome this situation we implemented in C++ the algorithm in an environment where the two needs, speed and memory were in equilibrium.

Keywords: R, least cost, Dijkstra, efficiency, hiking time. .

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