Geographia Technica is a journal devoted to the publication of all papers on all aspects of the use of technical and quantitative methods in geographical research. It aims at presenting its readers with the latest developments in G.I.S technology, mathematical methods applicable to any field of geography, territorial micro-scalar and laboratory experiments, and the latest developments induced by the measurement techniques to the geographical research.

 Geographia Technica is dedicated to all those who understand that nowadays every field of geography can only be described by specific numerical values, variables both oftime and space which require the sort of numerical analysis only possible with the aid of technical and quantitative methods offered by powerful computers and dedicated software.

Our understanding of Geographia Technica expands the concept of technical methods applied to geography to its broadest sense and for that, papers of different interests such as: G.l.S, Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing, Cartography or Geostatistics as well as papers which, by promoting the above mentioned directions bring a technical approach in the fields of hydrology, climatology, geomorphology, human geography territorial planning are more than welcomed provided they are of sufficient wide interest and relevance.

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Scope Note
Geography, Physical covers resources dealing with the differentiation of areas of the Earth's surface as shown in the character, arrangement, and interrelations over the world of such elements as climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, land use, industries, or states , as well as the unit areas formed by the complex of these individual elements.
Resources which focus on economic, human, and urban topics are covered in the SSCI GEOGRAPHY category.

The other works of geography belong to SSCI GEOGRAPHY category or to SSCI URBAN STUDIES

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Geography covers resources concerned with socio-cultural aspects of the Earth's surface emphasizing the human, economic, political, urban, and environmental issues of the discipline. The history of geography and the study of cartography are also covered in this category.

Scope Note
Urban Studies covers resources concerned with the social aspects of city planning and urban design. Topics covered include the effects of the urban environment on the individual, the effects of urbanization on the natural environment, urban economics, urban technology, housing planning, urban education, and urban law.

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