Latest Issue (1/2011)


Volume 6, Pages 1-117, (March 2011)

Articles 1 - 10
1 Contribution of climate change on water resources in semi-aride areas; example of the Essaouita basin (Morocco)
Page 1-8
Abstract |
2 Multivariate statistical analysis of fog phenomenon in Northwestern Romania
Page 9-19
Adina-Eliza CROITORU, Iulian-Horia HOLOBÂCĂ, Ioan RUS, Tatiana MUREŞAN
Abstract |
3 The use of information and communication technology to disseminate geographic information from the Northern Vosges regional nature park territorial observatory
Page 20-38
Abstract |
4 Environmental geophysical surveying at an abandoned military base (Lenti, SW Hungary)
Page 39-47
Lénárd PÁL, Zsófia SÁRI, Brigitta SZABÓ
Abstract |
5 Impact of the water table razing on the degradation of El Oued palm plantation (Algeria) – Mechanisms and solutions
Page 48-56
Boualem REMINI, Rabah KECHAD
Abstract |
6 Impact of the parameters of a morphological and morphometric of mega-obstacle on the field shelter
Page 57-71
Boualem REMINI, Monique MAINGUET
Abstract |
7 Monitoring of GPS PWV association to the solar energetic events during the intense solar flares of October/November 2003
Page 72-81
Abstract |
8 Geodetic Datums of the Italian Cadastral Systems
Page 82-90
Gábor TIMÁR, Valerio BAIOCCHI, Keti LELO
Abstract |
9 Anthropogenic landform modeling using GIS techniques case study: Vrancea region
Page 91-100
Adrian URSU, Dan-Adrian CHELARU, Florin-Constantin MIHAI, Iulian IORDACHE
Abstract |
10 Initial report of the AIMWETLAB project: Simultaneous airborne hyperspectral, LIDAR and photogrammetric survey of the full shoreline of Lake Balaton, Hungary
Page 101-117
András ZLINSZKY, Viktor TÓTH, Piroska POMOGYI, Gábor TIMÁR
Abstract |