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Volume 14, Pages 1-172, (October 2019) - Download full volume as PDF

Articles 1 - 14
1 Do Rivers Upstream Weirs have Lotics or Lentics Characteristics?
Page 1-9
Francesco DONATI, Laurent TOUCHART, Pascal BARTOUT (Orléans, France)
2 Dispersion Model Prospective of Air Pollution in Tirana
Page 10-19
Medjon HYSENAJ (Shkodër, Albania)
3 Evaluation of Burned areas with Sentinel-2 Using Snap: the Case of Kineta and Mati, Greece, July 2018
Page 20-38
Kamill Daniel KOVÁCS (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
4 GMT Based Comparative Analysis and Geomorphological Mapping of the Kermadec and Tonga Trenches, Southwest Pacific Ocean
Page 39-48
Polina LEMENKOVA (Qingdao, China)
5 A Comparative Analysis through Time and Space of Centrality’s Role in County Centers’ Spatial Position for Several Counties in Romania
Page 49-59
Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA (Gheorgheni, Romania)
6 Development Assessment of the Singapore Land: a Gis Spatial-Temporal Approach Based on Land Cover Analysis
Page 60-73
Mărgărit-Mircea NISTOR, Harianto RAHARDJO, Alfrendo SATYANAGA (Singapore)
7 An Investigation of Drought Around Chi Watershed During Ten-Year Period Using Terra/Modis Data
Page 74-83
Tanutdech ROTJANAKUSOL, Teerawong LAOSUWAN (Maha Sarakham, Thailand)
8 Development of the Rural Landscape: the Dačice Region Case Study, Czechia
Page 84-96
Jiří SCHNEIDER, Aleš RUDA, Michaela VENZLŮ (Brno, Czech Republic)
9 Calculation of the Vertical Distribution of Water Temperature in the Black Sea by Satellite Data
Page 97-111
Andrii SRYBERKO (Odesa, Ukraine)
10 The Analysis of the Landslide Vulnerability Sub Watersheds Arus in Banyumas Regency
Page 112-119
SUWARNO, SUTOMO, Maulana Rizki ADITAMA (Purwokerto, Indonesia)
11 Categorization of Impact of the Selected Variables for Potential Brownfield Regeneration in the Czech Republic by Means of Correspondence Analysis
Page 120-130
Kamila TURECKOVA , Jan NEVIMA, Jaroslav SKRABAL, Pavel TULEJA (Karvina, Czech Republic)
12 The Land Surface Temperature Evolution (LST) Using Landsat Scenes. Case Study: The Industrial Platform Săvineşti
Page 131-142
Cosmina-Daniela URSU (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
13 Geomedia`s Role in the Geosystem Development: Dracula`s Spatial Imaginaries in Romania
Page 143-161
Mihai VODA, Steven GRAVES, Cristina Elena BERARIU (Târgu Mureş, Romania & Northridge, U.S.A.)
14 Mapping of Access Mode Choice Probability Based on Multinomial Logit Model to get the Competition Description of Airport Access Modes
Page 162-172
WIRYANTA, Ria Asih Aryani SOEMITRO, Ervina AHYUDANARI (Surabaya, Indonesia)