Geographia Technica, Vol 17, Issue 2, 2022, pp. 35-46


Aditya SAPUTRA , Agus Anggoro SIGIT, Yuli PRIYANA, Andy Muhammad ABROR, Anggraini Noor Lia SARI, Oky NURSETIYANI

DOI: 10.21163/GT_2022.172.04

ABSTRACT: Obtaining the micro topographic characteristic of river has a decisive role in urban flood mapping and modelling. However, the approachability of high resolution and detail river morphography and micro relief have been often difficult. Furthermore, the variation of spatial and temporal of observation coverage have been often challenging to make the study more low-cost and effective. Nowadays, the advanced of remote sensing technologies can outgrow many of these limitations. the recent development of remote sensing based on small format unmanned drone is capable to produces detail scale of topographic data of the study area. The drone technology is actually a simple system, relatively cheap, effective and well-timed technique in generating high resolution aerial photographs of study area. The objectives of this research were to generate detail land cover and digital elevation by using low-cost drone mapping, also to obtain the historical flood inundation information from local people to support the urban flood mapping in study area. By combining the flood inundation data which was obtained from the participatory GIS process and detail landcover condition, the distribution of flood susceptibility area can be obtained. Further, this data can be used to generate the flood model which is essential for planning, monitoring and controlling the flood in urban area. The results showed that highest flood inundation was 1.7 meter. The most susceptible areas were located between Sungai Pepe and Sungai Kali Gajah Putih especially in ward 1, 2, and 3. Ward 1 is dominated by dense settlement area which is identic to slump. The ward 2 and 3 is dominated by the medium settlement with some agricultural area in between. Furthermore, the risk reduction effort needs to be focused on these wards to reduce the damage and loss when the flood occurs again in study area, by conducting several mitigation programs such as increase the people capacity, establish the evacuation route, and educate the local people.

Keywords: Drone mapping, Structure from Motion, Urban flood, Simple participatory GIS

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