Geographia Technica, Vol 14, Special Issue 2019, pp. 129-137


Korakod NUSIT, Sarintip TANTANEE, Kumpon SUBSOMBOON, Sasikorn LEUNGVICHCHAROEN, Suthat YIEMWATTANA (Phitsanulok, Thailand)

DOI: 10.21163/GT_2019.141.26

ABSTRACT: Phitsanulok province is located in the northern region of Thailand, approximately 400 km away from Bangkok. One of its major river is Nan river, which runs thru the business district of Phitsanulok. Every year, Nan river severely erodes the riverbanks and damages the infrastructures located along the riversides. The river erosion also intimidates the inhabitants who live nearby the river. In the studied area, the ancient city walls have been discovered. These ancient city walls have continually been destroyed by the river erosions every year. Moreover, the area has been reported flooding every five to ten years. Accordingly, the mitigation system is required in the area to serve two main purposes. The first purpose is protecting the nearby communities from severe flooding and river erosions. Secondly, the mitigation system should provide comforts to the communities. The public hearing event was organized to gather the needs from the communities. As a result, the flexible sheet-pile wall was chosen as the flood protection and river erosion mitigation system in the area. The mitigation system was designed to harmonize with the ancient city walls and served as the recreation area for the communities.

Keywords: Ancient, Flexible Sheet-Pile Wall, Mitigation System, River Erosion, Urban Community.

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