Special Issue 2019

Geographia Technica, Special Issue 2019

A special Issue On Sustainable Urban Development

Humboldt Kolleg Conference

Jakarta, Indonesia, 24-26 July 2017

The development of sustainable urban is very important for the surrounding population and urban spatial planning in the long-term. It is estimated that in the next three decades, the number of people living in cities will increase sharply, especially in Asia. If the authorities fail to provide services to this population, it would clearly endanger the long-term environmental and could threaten economic productivity. Therefore, city authorities must make appropriate policy choices to protect the provision of equitable housing, health, and transportation services in the future. [... Full introduction here]


Volume 14, Pages 1-241, (Special Issue 2019)

Articles 1 - 25
1 Sustainable Development Approach to Residential Planning in the Rapid Growth Urban Area: A Case Study in Singosari District, Malang Region, East Java Province
Page 3-12
Arief RACHMANSYAH, Luciana F HALIM, SOEMARNO (Malang, Indonesia)
2 Spatial Analysis of Urban Dense Area in Developing Criteria Design Based on People Participation: A Case Study of Kembang Jepun, Surabaya
Page 13-21
Bambang SOEMARDIONO, Murni RACHMAWATI, Defry Agatha ARDIANTA, Setyo NUGROHO (Surabaya, Indonesia)
3 Integration of Historic Places in New Urban Development: A Case Study of Phitsanulok, Thailand
Page 22-31
Nattika NAVAPAN, Kornticha OONPRAI (Phitsanulok, Thailand)
4 Towards a Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia’s Urban Tourism Industry Based on Spatial Information
Page 32-38
Agustan AGUSTAN, Devi Roza Krisnandhi KAUSAR (Jakarta, Indonesia)
5 Municipal Waste Management Challenge of Urbanization: Lesson Learned From Phitsanulok, Thailand
Page 39-46
Sarintip TANTANEE, Suthi HANTRAKUL (Phitsanulok, Thailand)
6 The 4DCAD in Project Planning and Budgeting of the New Urban Infrastructure for the Phitsanulok Central Park, Thailand
Page 47-55
Kumpon SUBSOMBOON, Boonsong TANTANEE, Suchanya SARATAI, Panu BURANAJARUKORN (Phitsanulok, Thailand)
7 Reading Political Insinuation in Urban Forms: Saving the Sinking Jakarta Through Giant Sea Wall Project
Page 56-65
Eka PERMANASARI (South Tangerang, Indonesia)
8 Urbanizing Southwards: Planning Development Possibilities for Mindanao, the Philippines, as a Sociopolitical Side of Geotechnics in Southeast Asia
Page 66-75
José Edgardo GOMEZ, Jr (Manila, Philippines)
9 Towards an Engaging, Inclusive and Meaningful Planning Development of an Urban Park in Phitsanulok, Thailand
Page 76-86
Suthat YIEMWATTANA, Sasima CHAROENKIT (Phitsanulok, Thailand)
10 Method Development and Surface Utilization: Monitoring Environment in Urban Society Through Analytical Chemistry
Page 87-97
Surjani WONORAHARDJO (Malang, Indonesia)
11 Urban Transformations to Pursue Sustainability Through Resource Efficiency, Quality of Life and Resilience: A Conceptual Approach
Page 98-107
Sigrun KABISCH (Leipzig, Germany)
12 Opportunity to Use City Prosperity Index for Indonesian Municipal Development Planning Process
Page 108-117
I Nyoman Suluh WIJAYA (Malang, Indonesia)
13 Smart Advisory System for Urban Mobility Scheme: South East Asia Experiences
Page 118-128
RESDIANSYAH (South Tangerang, Indonesia)
14 The Design of Flood Protection Along Nan River, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand
Page 129-137
Korakod NUSIT, Sarintip TANTANEE, Kumpon SUBSOMBOON, Sasikorn LEUNGVICHCHAROEN, Suthat YIEMWATTANA (Phitsanulok, Thailand)
15 Urban Mosque in the Compact City of Kuala Lumpur: Suitability and Design Considerations
Page 138-147
Nayeem ASIF, Nangkula UTABERTA, Arman SARRAM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
16 The Role of Local Community and Academic Institution to Empower the Small Enterprises in the Urban Area of Jakarta (Indonesia)
Page 148-155
Johannes Hamonangan SIREGAR, Teddy Mohamad DARAJAT (South Tangerang, Indonesia)
17 Configuring Educational Facilities Services Pattern in Traditional Cities (A Case Study of Yogyakarta and Surakarta City)
Page 156-165
Deni Agus SETYONO, Denny Dwi CAHYONO (Malang, Indonesia)
18 Historical Attachment of Colonial Building through Community Perception: Case Study of Museum Fatahillah, Kota Lama Jakarta
Page 166-175
Ari Widyati PURWANTIASNING, Saeful BAHRI (Jakarta, Indonesia)
19 Airport Location of City Center and its Contribution to Air Quality
Page 176-184
Ervina AHYUDANARI (Surabaya, Indonesia)
20 Analysis on Shuttle Bus Stop Service Performance Based on the User’s Perception The Case Study of Trans Bintaro, South Tangerang (Indonesia)
Page 185-193
Fredy Jhon Philip SITORUS, Eka PERMANASARI (South Tangerang, Indonesia)
21 Financial Prospect of the Waste to Energy Application in Solving the Most Problematic Solid Waste Management in Indonesia
Page 194-200
MOHAJIT (Bandung, Indonesia)
22 A Study of Population Density in Developing Countries
Page 201-212
Ida Bagus Ilham MALIK, Wayan SUPARTA, Bart J DEWANCKER (Malang, Japan & South Tangerang, Indonesia)
23 Alteration of Urban Microclimate in Bandung, Indonesia Based on Urban Morphology
Page 213-220
Beta PARAMITA, Wayan SUPARTA (Bandung, Indonesia & South Tangerang, Indonesia)
24 Exploring the Occupational Safety and Health Cost Typologies in the Construction of Malaysian Urban Rail Infrastructure Projects
Page 221-231
Izatul Farrita Mohd KAMAR, Asmalia Che AHMAD, Mohmad Mohd DERUS, Nik Nur Khairunnisa Nik Mohd AINUL AZMAN (Perak, Malaysia)
25 Risk Assessment of Piling Works for Mass Rapid Transit (Mrt) Construction Project
Page 232-241
Asmalia Che AHMAD, Izatul FarritaMohd KAMAR, Abdul Muhaimin Ab WAHID, Muhamad Fazreen Niza Shah ISMAIL (Perak, Malaysia)