Geographia Technica, Vol 12, Issue no. 1/2017, pp. 75-81



DOI: 10.21163/GT_2017.121.08

ABSTRACT: Creating hachure maps was a well-known and widely used method in cartography for relief representation, which has served mainly military purposes. With this method gradients are represented instead of elevation. Starting from the 20th century, hachure based representations were abandoned and replaced by contour lines based representations. However the apart graphical aspect of hachure maps and the fact that they emphasizes the slope characteristics, makes them useful in various fields (ex. archeology, education and museology) even today. In the reconstruction process of a historical map with hachures the hachure lines hardly can be digitized especially due to their enormous number. In this paper we present a possibility to recreate hachure lines using GIS methodology respecting their construction rules as much as it’s possible.

Keywords: Hachure, Historical map, Automatic generation, Relief representation.

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