Any New Author is asked to create a New account (user and password) on
After the first log on to Manuscript Manager the new author is asked to register his ORCID number using the option present on Dashboard. If you do not have an ORCID number, you can generate one at


Articles and proposals for articles are accepted for consideration on the understanding that they are not being submitted elsewhere.

The publication proposals that satisfy the conditions for originality, relevance for the new technical geography domain and editorial requirements, will be sent by email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This page can be accessed to see the requirements for editing an article, and also the articles from the journal archive found on can be used as a guide.

All references must be provided in English with a specification of original language in round brackets. We recommend using the bibliography from the Web of Science, SCOPUS, or other widely used databases.

When submitting a manuscript, authors should make a full statement to the Editor in the Agreement Letter listed here Please read carefully the Agrement Letter before editing the manuscript.

       Your manuscript should be submitted as a Microsoft WORD .doc or .docx file. Table files should have either the .doc/.docx or .xls/.xlsx file extensions. Figure file extensions can be .ppt, .eps, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp or .png format.


In addition to full-length research contributions, the journal also publishes Short Notes, Book reviews, Software Reviews, Letters of the Editor. However the editors wish to point out that the views expressed in the book reviews are the personal opinion of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers.

Each year two issues are edited, in the months of March and October. The article must be written in English, as well as the abstract and the key-words. For each accepted manuscript the processing charge is compulsory. For more details, contact the editor. A part of the articles are available as full text on the website. The link between the author and reviewers is mediated by the Editor.

Peer Review Process

The papers submitted for publication to the Editor undergo an anonymous peer review process, necessary for assessing the quality of scientific information, the relevance to the technical geography field and the publishing requirements of our journal.

The contents are reviewed by two members of the Editorial Board or other reviewers on a double blind review system. The reviewer's comments for the improvement of the paper will be sent to the corresponding author by the editor. After the author changes the paper according to the comments, the article is published in the next number of the journal.

Eventual paper rejections will have solid arguments, but sending the paper only to receive the comments of the reviewers is discouraged. 


    If your work has been previously evaluated and you have been informed of the preliminary decision, you will be able to resubmit your work with the original manuscript id number. When resubmitting, do not submit as a new submission, but rather click the 'Resubmit' button next to the manuscript.

Please note that after accepting the article for publication it is not possible to revise its content, it is not possible to make changes, corrections due to the fault of the authors.

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