Latest Issue (2/2013)


Volume 8, Pages 1-88, (October 2013)

Articles 1 - 8
1 The touristic accessibility in the Hunedoara county in terms of road network 
Page 1-12 
Romulus COSTACHE, Cristian POPESCU 
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2 Hydrogeomorphological method of floodplain delineation 
Page 13-22 
Martin DĚD 
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3 Forest fires study using remote sensing and meteorological indicators. Study case. 
Page 23-37 
Paula FURTUNĂ, Iulian-Horia HOLOBÂCĂ 
Abstract |
4 Wastewater urban rejection impact on groundwater quality in Béchar city (Algerian SW), in urban environment under an arid climate 
Page 38-46 
Abdesselem KABOUR, Azedine HANI, Lynda CHEBBAH 
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5 Using GIS techniques for assessing waste landfill placement suitability. Case study: Prahova county, Romania
Page 47-56 
Valentina MĂNOIU, ulia FONTANINE, Romulus COSTACHE, Remus PRĂVĂLIE, Iulian MITOF 
Abstract |
6 Urban growth simulation through cellular automata (CA), analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and GIS; case study of 8th and 12th municipal districts of Isfahan 
Page 57-70 
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7 Considerations about the reduction of marshes in southern Oltenia 
Page 71-79 
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8 Geospatial particulartities of farming formation in Ukraine 
Page 80-88 
Myroslav ZAYACHYK 
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