Latest Issue (1/2015)


Volume 10, Pages 1-95, (March 2015)

Articles 1 - 9
1 Modeling of the flows and solid transport in the catchment area of Meskiana-Mellegue upstream (northeastern Algeria) 
Page 1-7 
Moufida BELLOULA, Hadda DRIDI (Batna, Algeria) 
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2 Potential recharge estimation of the Sibari plain aquifers (southern Italy) through a new GIS procedure 
Page 8-18 
Giuseppe CIANFLONE, Rocco DOMINICI, Antonio VISCOMI (Calabria, Italy)
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3 Spatial analysis of channel steepness in a tectonically active region: Putna river catchment (southeastern Carpathians) 
Page 19-27 
Alexandru -Ionuţ CRISTEA (Suceava, Romania)  
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4 Geomatic applications to urban park in Palermo 
Page 28-43 
Gino DARDANELLI, Silvia PALIAGA, Massimo ALLEGRA, Marco CARELLA, Valeria GIAMMARRESI (Palermo, Italy) 
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5 Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning: the industrial revolution and the 19th century
Page 44-50 
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN (Tarragona, Spain) 
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6 Permeability of Czech-Polish border using by selected criteria
Page 51-65 
Jaromír KOLEJKA, Wiesława ŹYSZKOWSKA, Kateřina BATELKOVÁ, Stanisław CIOK, Sylwia DOŁZBŁASZ, Karel KIRCHNER, Tomáš KREJČÍ, Andrzej RACZYK, Waldemar SPALLEK, Jana ZAPLETALOVÁ (Brno, Czech Republic and Wroclaw, Poland) 
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7 Agglomeration effects of the Brno city (Czech Republic), as exemplified by the population labour mobility 
Page 66-76 
Vilém PAŘIL, Josef KUNC, Petr ŠAŠINKA, Petr TONEV, Milan VITURKA (Brno, Czech Republic) 
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8 Geographical and GIS analysis of the great flood of 1838 in Pest-Buda
Page 77-89 
András TENK, Lóránt DÁVID (Gödöllő and Eger, Hungary) 
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 9 Cartographic visual expression, a means of communication and exploration in architecture and art 
Page 90-95 
Leonard VARTIC (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) 
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