Latest Issue (1/2016)


Volume 11, Pages 1-91, (March 2016)

Articles 1 - 9
1 What is Technical Geography
Page 1-5
Ionel HAIDU (Metz, France) 
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2 The influence of absolute thermal inversion on the relative humidity in the lower troposphere 
Page 6-12
Florentina BĂRCĂCIANU, Vasilică ISTRATE, Roxana Simona BOCANCEA (Iaşi, Romania & Metz, France)
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3 Four decades period of climatic data for assessing the aeolian hazard in the region of Touggourt 
Page 13-22
Nouar BOULGHOBRA, Naïma KOULL, Tidjani BENZAOUI (Touggourt, Algeria)  
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4 GIS and DBMS implementation for the development of rural areas of the "One Hundred Masserie" of Crispiano 
Page 23-32
Domenica COSTANTINO, Maria Giuseppa ANGELINI, Michele CLAVERI, Vincenzo Saverio ALFIO (Bari, Italy) 
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5 Easements and protected areas: problems and evolution of their graphic representation on urban development and civil engineering drawings
Page 33-43
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN (Tarragona, Spain) 
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6 Historical cartographic overview and cartographic analysis of the geological map of TRANSYLVANIA by HAUER (1861)
Enikő KORODI, Thomas HOFMANN (Cluj-Napoca, Romania & Vienna, Austria) 
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7 Local development in the post-mining countryside? Impacts of an agricultural ad plant on rural community 
Page 54-66 
Stanislav MARTINÁT, Kamila TUREČKOVÁ (Opava & Karviná, Czech Republic) 
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8 Map algebra in tourism potential modelling for improving social issues in Masaryk ´s School Forest Enterprise Křtiny
Page 67-83
Aleš RUDA, Michaela POKLADNÍKOVÁ (Brno, Czech Republic) 
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 9 Medium and large hail in Transylvania, locality of Band, 24th May 2015 
Page 84-91
Răzvan SOMESAN, Grigore MAKKAI (Metz, France & Targu Mureş, Romania) 
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