Latest Issue (1/2017)


Volume 12, Pages 1-120, (March 2017)

Articles 1 - 11
1 Cartographic representations in early eighteenth century baroque Malta
Page 1-8
Lino BIANCO (Msida, Malta)
2 Temporal and spatial variations in heat content of a French pond
Page 9-22
Quentin CHOFFEL, Laurent TOUCHART, Pascal BARTOUT, Mohammad AL DOMANY (Orléans, France)
3 The visualization of the spatiality of Airbnb in Budapest using 3-band raster representation
Page 23-30
Gábor DUDÁS, Lajos BOROS, Tamás KOVALCSIK, Balázs KOVALCSIK (Békéscsaba & Szeged, Hungary)
4 Data adjustment of the Geographic Information System, GPS and image to construct a virtual reality
Page 31-45
Adel FRIDHI, Benzarti FAOUZI, Amiri HAMID (Tunis, Tunisia)
5 Temporal and spatial variation of forest coverage in Apuseni natural park, 2000-2014 period
Page 46-56
Paula FURTUNĂ (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
6 From layout to photoplan: reflections on the “representation” of urban planning
Page 57-63
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN (Tarragona, Spain)
7 The assessment relationship between land surface temperature (LST) and built-up area in urban agglomeration. Case study: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Page 64-74
Kinga IVAN, József BENEDEK (Cluj-Napoca, Romania & Miskolc, Hungary)
8 Automatic generation of hachure lines
Page 75-81
Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA (Gheorgheni, Romania)
9 Temporal sampling conditions in numerical integration of hydrological systems time series
Page 82-94
Constantin Adrian ŞARPE, Ionel HAIDU (Tg. Mureş, Romania & Metz, France)
10 Application of ARC HYDRO and HEC-HMS model techniques for runoff simulation in the headwater areas of Covasna watershed (Romania)
Page 95-107
Carina STRAPAZAN, Mihai PETRUT (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
11 Different approaches to defining metropolitan areas (Case study: cities of Brno and Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Page 108-120
Petr TONEV, Zdeněk DVOŘÁK, Petr ŠAŠINKA, Josef KUNC, Markéta CHALOUPKOVÁ, Zdeněk ŠILHAN (Brno, Czech Republic)