Latest Issue (2/2018)


Volume 13, Pages 1-166, (October 2018)

Articles 1 - 12
1 Modeling the Spatial Variability of the Electrical Conductivity of the Soil Using Differents Spatial Interpolation Methods: Case of the Dawling National Park in Mauritania
Page 1-11
Mohamed Mahmoud Ould ABIDINE, Ahmed EL ABOUDI, Aminetou KEBD, Brahim Baba ALOUEIMINE, Youssef DALLAHI, Ahmedou SOULÉ, Ahmedou VADEL (Rabat, Marrakech, Morocco & Nouakchott, Mauritania)
2 Roads Accesibility to Agricultural Crops Using GIS Technology. Methodological Aproach
Page 12-30
Ştefan BILAŞCO, Sanda ROŞCA, Ioan PĂCURAR, Nicolaie MOLDOVAN, Iuliu VESCAN, Ioan FODOREAN, Dănuţ PETREA (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
3 A Geographic Analysis of Post-Disaster Social Impacts on a Municipal Scale – A Case Study of a Potential Major Flood in the Paris Region (France)
Page 31-51
Kenji FUJIKI, Florent RENARD (Strasbourg & Lyon, France)
4 Synoptic Processes Generating Windthrow. A Case Study for Apuseni Mountains (Romania)
Page 52-61
Paula FURTUNA, Ionel HAIDU, Narcis MAIER (Cluj-Napoca, Romania & Metz, France)
5 The Indian Himalaya's Unique Attributes: Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers
Page 62-73
Shiv Kumar GUPTA, Radu NEGRU, Mihai VODA (Srinagar-Garhwal, India & Targu Mures, Romania)
6 Emergency Response During Disastrous Situation in Densely Populated Urban Areas: a GIS Based Approach
Page 74-88
Md. Mehedi HASNAT, Md. Rakibul ISLAM, Md. HADIUZZAMAN (Raleigh, USA & Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
7 Automated Tool for the Extraction of the Surface Ponds Based on LIDAR Data
Page 89-96
Kinga IVAN, Daria GAGACKA, Paulina MATECKA (Cluj-Napoca, Romania & Toruń, Poland)
8 Projection of Annual Crop Coefficients in Italy Based on Climate Models and Land Cover Data
Page 97-113
Mărgărit-Mircea NISTOR (Singapore)
9 FLUNETS: a New MATLAB-Based Tool for Drainage Network Ordering ny Horton and Hack Hierarchies
Page 114-124
Candela PASTOR-MARTÍN, Loreto ANTÓN, Carlos FERNÁNDEZ-GONZÁLEZ (Madrid, Spain)
10 Tourist Flows Between Central European Metropolises (in the Context of Metropolisation Processes)
Page 125-137
Martin ŠAUER, Markéta BOBKOVÁ(Brno, Czech Republic)
11 Perceiving the Impact of Brownfields on the Real Estate Prices: a Case Study from Four Locations in the Czech Republic
Page 138-151
Kamila TURECKOVA, Jan NEVIMA (Karvina, Czech Republic)
12 Descending Mountain Routes Future: the North Yungas and Făgăraș Geosystem's Comparative Study
Page 152-166
Mihai VODA, Yuri Sandoval MONTES (Targu Mures, Romania & La Paz, Bolivia)