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Volume 18, Pages 1-248, (October 2023) - Download full volume as PDF

Articles 1 - 18
1 2D Simulation of Design Discharge in Flood Hazard Spatial Analysis Using HEC-RAS, (Case Study Mata Allo Sub-Watershed, Enrekang, Indonesia)
Page 1-13
Uca SIDENG, Hamzah UPU, Nurul Afdal HARIS, Dwi RAHMAYANA
April, 2023
2 Quantitative and Qualitative Data in Disaster Risk Management of Fires: a Case Study from South Africa at Various Geographical Levels
Page 14-39
Rennifer MADONDO, Roman TANDLICH, Eric Thabo STOCH, Ágoston RESTÁS, Siviwe SHWABABA
April, 2023
3 Production of High Geometric Resolution Orthophotos by Photogrammetric Approach for the Royal Racconigi Castel Park Documentation
Page 40-50
Vincenzo Saverio ALFIO, Domenica COSTANTINO, Massimiliano PEPE, Gabriele ROSSI, Massimo LESERRI
May, 2023
4 Tsunami Hazard Mapping Based on Coastal System Analysis using High-Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery (Case Study in Kukup Coastal Area, Gunungkidul Regency, Indonesia)
Page 51-67
DANARDONO, Afif Ari WIBOWO, Dewi Novita SARI, Kuswaji Dwi PRIYONO, Ecky Safira Maharani DEWI
May, 2023
5 Spatial Model of Runoff Flowing into the Newly Formed Lake at Sinabung Volcano
Page 68-78
Sandy Budi WIBOWO, Polin Mouna TOGATOROP, Tsamara HANINDHIYA, Barandi Sapta WIDARTONO, R. Ibnu ROSYADI
May, 2023
6 Comparison of two Separation Multipath Techniques in GNSS Reflectometry for Sea Level Determination in Indonesia
Page 79-92
June, 2023
7 Assessment of Inundation Susceptibility in the Context of Climate Change, Based on Machine Learning and Remote Sensing: Case Study in Vinh Phuc Province of Vietnam
Page 93-112
Phan Manh HUNG, Huu Duy NGUYEN, Chien Pham VAN
July, 2023
8 A Multiscale Geomatic Approach for the Survey of Historic Centres Main Streets: the Case Study of Capitignano, Italy
Page 113-122
Giovanni MATALONI, Donato PALUMBO, Massimiliano PEPE, Claudio VARAGNOLI
July, 2023
9 Thai Eastern Economic Corridor Drought Monitoring Using Terra/Modis Satellite-Based Data
Page 123-131
Phaisarn JEEFOO
July, 2023
10 Tsunami Evacuation Model in the Panimbang Subdistrict, Banten Province, Indonesia: GIS- and Agent-Based Modeling Approaches
Page 132-148
Dini PURBANI, Marza Ihsan MARZUKI, Budianto ONTOWIRJO, Farhan Makarim ZEIN, Didik Wahju Hendro TJAHJO, Sri Endah PURNAMANINGTYAS, Rudy AKHWADY, Amran Ronny SYAM, Arip RAHMAN, Yayuk SUGIANTI, Safar DODY, Adriani Sri NASTITI, Andri WARSA, Lismining Pujiyani ASTUTI, YOSMANIAR, Tutik KADARINI, Tri Heru PRIHADI, Ulung Jantama WISHA
July, 2023
11 Contribution of Space Remote Sensing and New GIS Tools for Mapping Geological Structures in the Mekkam Region of Northeast Morocco
Page 149-157
Abdelali GOUISS, Youness TAYBI, Youssef GHARMANE, Souad M’RABET
August, 2023
12 Identification of Retention Areas using Airborne Lidar Data. A Case Study from Central Sweden
Page 158-169
August, 2023
13 A Robust Unified Model for National Street Gazetteer Based on Land Register and GIS for the Republic of Kosovo
Page 170-179
Përparim AMETI, Dustin SANCHEZ
September, 2023
14 The Latest Bathymetry and Topography Extraction of Lake Ledulu From Multi-Source Geospatial Data
Page 180-195
Atriyon JULZARIKA, Dany Puguh LAKSONO, Luki SUBEHI, Elisa ISWANDONO, Alfred Onisimus Maximus DIMA, Media Fitri Isma NUGRAHA, Kayat KAYAT
September, 2023
15 Application of GIS Technology to Assess the Environmental Suitability for Rupicapra Rupicapra in Romanian Carpathians
Page 196-212
Sanda-Maria ROŞCA, Vasile CEUCA
October, 2023
16 Chateau Brownfields in Selected Lau1 Regions of the Czech Republic: Searching for Remarkable Features within Descriptive Localization Analysis
Page 213-224
October, 2023
17 Changes and Trends in Ideal Holiday Period Based on Holiday Climate Index Applied to the Carpathian Basin
Page 225-237
October, 2023
18 Investigation of Chlorophyll-a Variability in Red Sea using Satellite-Based Meteorology and Oceanography Data
Page 238-248
October, 2023