Geographia Technica, Vol 11, Issue no. 2/2016, pp. 1-13


Alexandru BOICEA, Florin RADULESCU, Ciprian-Octavian TRUICA, Irina VASILE

DOI: 10.21163/GT_2016.112.01

ABSTRACT: Image segmentation is a branch of the image processing domain which involves partitioning the image into multiple segments referred to as sets of pixels. The segmentation purpose is to change the representation of an image into a form that is analyzed easier and less processed in order to extract information based on the colors in the image. This paper shows how we can determine statistics on the relief by processing the images that represent geographic maps through Data Mining algorithms. The important aspects of this type of mining are also described in this study. A dedicated application is used for data processing.

Keywords: Image processing, Image segmentation, Data mining, Clustering methods, Image color analysis

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