Geographia Technica, Vol 12, Issue no. 2/2017, pp. 82-96


Cevat INAL, Ozdemir KOCAK, Omur ESEN, Sercan BULBUL, Rahim KIZGUT

DOI: 10.21163/GT_2017.122.08

ABSTRACT: Depending on the development of technology, the boundary concept between different disciplines became unclear today and it became necessary to work jointly depending on data sharing. Also Producing the maps is effected the development of the technology and positioning of desired area is become very fast. Today, instead of hand GPS, users can be obtained coordinate desired via programs which are compatible with mobile phone. CORS (Continuously Operation Reference System) GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers which measure points coordinates (x, y, h) at all weather conditions, day and night will become compatible Mobil PC devices (Mobil Phone) via compatible software. By means of this study, including the surveys of Ancient History and Archaeology sciences, different samples belonging to different periods have been evaluated. In this study, coordinates obtained with CORS-TR (Continuously Operation Reference System- TuRkey) and Asus Zenfone 6 in which Kocaman Pro Software was used at selected areas compare with each and the usage of Asus Zenfone 6 was investigated in term of easiness and accuracy in Archaeological Settlements. This study was carried out at the Hatıp Castle, Malas II and Campus ruins in Konya. Only horizontal accuracy (x, y) was investigated. The horizontal accuracy is higher in Malas II and Campus ruins than Hatıp Castle. This is due to the distance of the GSM networks to the application area.

Keywords: Map, Coordinates, Measurement, Accuracy, Mobile Phone, Archaeological Settlement.

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