Geographia Technica, Vol 14, Issue no.2/2019, pp. 10-19


Medjon HYSENAJ (Shkodër, Albania)

DOI: 10.21163/GT_2019.142.02

ABSTRACT: Outdoor air pollution is the most hazard challenge of many governments. Strictly policies followed by continue alert thresholds are being followed. Environmental issue canalized in air quality in the capital of Albania is the prior thematic analyzed in this paper. We figured to create a filter which gradually puzzles out the leading cause to exceed the limits settled by the WHO guidelines and the EU’s AAQ directives. The paper tries to create potential scenario from the replacement of the passenger’s vehicle fleet from the current Euro 3 to Euro 4 and over. The opportunity to structure evaluation maps for air assessment based on the outcome creates a clear overview of the current situation. Digital maps are a potential source of solution for many environmental issues. Spatial technology is fast and reliable to estimate population exposure to outdoor pollution. Geostatistical data offer reliable solution to perceive dispersion model issues. In this paper we concentrate on air pollution data (PM10).

Keywords: geostatistic, dispersion model, spatial technology, digital map, PM10, air quality index

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