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Geographia Technica


An International Journal of Technical Geography

ISSN 2065-4421 (Online); ISSN 1842-5135 (printed)


we accept manuscripts for issue 2/2024

1 Assessment of Green Hydrogen Production Potential from Solar and Wind Energy in Mauritania
Page 1-12
Elemine Adama SOW, Mohamed Mohamed VALL, Mohamed Mahmoud ABIDINE, Houda BABAH, Ahmed HAMOUD, Gayane FAYE, Bakari SEMEGA
April, 2024
2 Groundwater Potential Assessment in Gia Lai Province (Vietnam) Using Machine Learning, Remote Sensing and GIS
Page 13-32
Huu Duy NGUYEN, Van Trong GIANG, Quang-Hai TRUONG, Gheorghe ȘERBAN, Alexandru-Ionut PETRIȘOR
May, 2024
3 Remote Sensing and GIS-Driven Model for Flood Susceptibility Assessment in the Upper Solo River Watershed
Page 33-45
Jumadi JUMADI, Dewi Novita SARI, Umrotun UMROTUN, Muhammad MUSIYAM, Chintania NURMANTYO, Sadam Fadil MUHAMMAD, Mohd Hairy IBRAHIM
May, 2024
4 Assessing Agricultural Burned Areas using dnbr Index from Sentinel-2 Satellite Data in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 2019 to 2023
Page 46-56
June, 2024
5 Environmental Monitoring on the Surface of the Andaman Sea Over the Southwestern Coast of Thailand: a Case Study of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Chlorophyll-A
Page 57-69
June, 2024
6 Impact of COVID-19 Confinement on NO2 Emissions in Mexico: Temporal Analysis and Outlook for Air Quality
Page 70-77
June, 2024
7 UAV Photogrammetry as a Multidisciplinary Approach in Engineering Design and Sustainable Land Management
Page 78-90
Vincenzo Saverio ALFIO
June, 2024