Latest Issue (2/2014)


Volume 9, Pages 1-97, (October 2014)

Articles 1 - 9
1 Mapping of environmental vulnerability of desertification by adaptation of the MEDALUS method in the endoreic area of Gadaine (Eastern Algeria) 
Page 1-8 
Rabah BOUHATA, Mahdi KALLA (Banta, Algeria) 
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2 Use of multispectral sensors with high spatial resolution for territorial and environmental analysis 
Page 9-20 
Raffaella BRIGANTE, Fabio RADICIONI (Perugia, Italy) 
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3 Estimating multiannual average runoff depth in the middle and upper sectors of Buzău river basin 
Page 21-29 
Romulus COSTACHE (Bucharest, Romania)  
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4 Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning: from ancient times to the baroque 
Page 30-43 
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN (Tarragona, Spain) 
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5 Using GIS in the flood management – flood maps (Troubky, Czech Republic)
Page 44-53 
Kamila KLEMEŠOVÁ, Miroslav KOLÁŘ (Brno, Czech Republic), Ivan ANDRÁŠKO (Brno, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia) 
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6 Identification and mapping of food deserts in rural areas: a case study from Slovakia
Page 54-59 
František KRIŽAN, Kristína BILKOVÁ, Gabriel ZUBRICZKÝ, Martin RIŠKA, Peter BARLÍK (Bratislava, Slovakia) 
Abstract |
7 A GIS based network analysis for the identification of shortest route access to emergency medical facilities 
Page 60-67 
Paul-Silviu NICOARĂ (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Ionel HAIDU (Metz, France) 
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8 Analysis of temperature, precipitation and potential evapotranspiration trends in southern Oltenia in the context of climate change
Page 68-84 
Remus PRĂVĂLIE (Bucharest, Romania) 
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 9 Spatial decision making for logistics centre allocation 
Page 85-97 
Aleš RUDA (Brno, Czech Republic) 
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