Latest Issue (2/2015)


Volume 10, Pages 1-89, (October 2015)

Articles 1 - 9
1 Boolean logic model for an environmental protection plan on a local administration territory
Page 1-8
Valerio BAIOCCHI, Keti LELO, Felicia VATORE (Rome, Italy)
2 Analysis of the spatial trends of Romanian tourism between 2000 and 2012
Page 9-19
Zoltán BUJDOSÓ, János PÉNZES, Szilárd MADARAS, Lóránt DÁVID (Gyöngyös, Debrecen & Eger, Hungary; Miercurea Ciuc, Romania)
3 Integrated survey for quarries monitoring
Page 20-28
Domenica COSTANTINO, Maria Giuseppa ANGELINI (Bari, Italy)
4 Predictors of tourists' shopping propensity: a case from Istanbul
Page 29-40
István EGRESI, Fatih KARA (Istanbul, Turkey)
5 Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning during the 20th century
Page 41-49
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN, Ramon RIPOLL (Tarragona & Girona, Spain)
6 The spatio-temporal analysis of impervious surfaces in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Page 50-58
Kinga IVAN (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
7 Developing and implementing multiuser, fully relational GIS database for desktop systems using open source technologies
Page 59-65
Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA (Gheorgheni, Romania)
8 Spatial relations and perception of brownfields in old industrial region: case study of Svinov (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Page 66-77
Stanislav MARTINÁT, Josef KUNC, Petr KLUSÁČEK, Tomáš KREJČÍ, Josef NAVRÁTIL, Jana VNENKOVÁ, Jakub ČERNÍK (Karvina, Brno & Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic)
9 Estimating urban forest carbon sequestration potential in the southern United States using current remote sensing imagery sources
Page 78-89
Krista MERRY, Pete BETTINGER, Jacek SIRY, J. Michael BOWKER (Athens, USA)