Latest Issue (2/2016)


Volume 11, Pages 1-124, (October 2016)

Articles 1 - 11
1 Geographic image mining
Page 1-13
Alexandru BOICEA, Florin RADULESCU, Ciprian-Octavian TRUICA, Irina VASILE (Bucharest, Romania)
2 Fine resolution imagery and GIS for investigating the morphological characteristics, and migration rate of Barchan dunes in the erg Sidi Moussa dunefield near In-Salah (Algeria)
Page 14-21
Nouar BOULGHOBRA, Hadda DRIDI (Batna & Touggourt, Algeria)
3 Territorial-technical and socio-economic aspects of successful brownfield regeneration: a case study of the Liberec region (Czech Republic)
Page 22-38
Jakub ČERNÍK, Josef KUNC, Stanislav MARTINÁT (Brno & Karviná, Czech Republic)
4 Integrated surveying for the archaeological documentation of a neolithic site
Page 39-49
Domenica COSTANTINO, Maria Giuseppa ANGELINI, Valerio BAIOCCHI (Bari & Roma, Italy)
5 The spatial analysis of heat waves in south east of Iran. A case study: Sistan and Baluchestan province
Page 50-60
Morteza ESMAILNEJAD, (Birjand, Iran)
6 Heterogeneity of shopping centers' attractiveness in Bratislava
Page 61-68
František KRIŽAN, Matej PAŠKO, Kristína BILKOVÁ, Peter BARLÍK, Pavol KITA (Bratislava, Slovakia)
7 Mixed group hikers optimal resting place location along trails. Test area at Lacu-Roşu region (Romania)
Page 69-77
Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA, Ștefan DOMBAY (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
8 Do bypass routes reduce noise disturbances in cities? Case study of Cheb (Western Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Page 78-86
Michal PREKOP, Martin DOLEJŠ (Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic)
9 Exploring tourism possibilities using GIS-based spatial association methods
Page 87-101
Aleš RUDA (Brno, Czech Republic)
10 Nonlinear and discontinuities modeling of time series using artificial neural network with radial basis function
Page 102-112
Alfonso TIERRA (Sangolquí, Ecuador)
11 Implementation of elements of sustainability applied to the urbanization of productive areas
Page 113-124
Carlos TURÓN, Jordi GOMIS (Tarragona, Spain)