Latest Issue (2/2017)


Volume 12, Pages 1-164, (October 2017) - Download full volume as PDF

Articles 1 - 13
1 Suitability of Averaging GPS/GNSS Paths to Build Geometrically Correct Digital Road Maps
Page 1-9
Valerio BAIOCCHI, Domenica COSTANTINO, Felicia VATORE (Rome & Bari, Italy)
2 Networking in a Destination from the Perspective of Virtual Relationships and their Spatial Dimension
Page 10-19 
Markéta BOBKOVÁ, Andrea HOLEŠINSKÁ (Brno, Czech Republic)
3 Investigating the Role of Traffic Volumes on the Occurrence of the Accidents on the National Roads: a Case Study in Romania
Page 20-29
Rodica Dorina CADAR, Melania Rozalia BOITOR, Mara DUMITRESCU (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
4 Spatial Analysis of River Longitudinal Profils to Cartography Tectonic Activity in Kasserine Plain - Tunisia
Page 30-40
Ali CHAIEB, Noamen REBAI, Mohamed Abdelhamid GHANMI, Abdelkader MOUSSI, Samir BOUAZIZ (Sfax & Tunis, Tunisia)
5 Analysis of Technical Criticalities for GIS Modelling an Urban Noise Map
Page 41-61
Gino DARDANELLI, Rosario MARRETTA, Antonio Sansone SANTAMARIA, Antonino STREVA, Mauro LO BRUTTO, Antonino MALTESE (Palermo, Italy)
6 The Distribution of the Monthly 24-Hour Maximum Amount of Precipitation in Romania According to their Synoptic Causes
Page 62-72
Radu-Vlad DOBRI, Lucian SFÎCĂ, Pavel ICHIM, Gabriela-Victoria HARPA (Iaşi & Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
7 Drawing the "Boundaries", the Start of an Urban Planning Project
Page 73-81
Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN (Tarragona, Spain)
8 Surveying and Mapping Using Mobile Phone in Archeological Settlements
Page 82-96
Cevat INAL, Ozdemir KOCAK, Omur ESEN, Sercan BULBUL, Rahim KIZGUT (Konya & Giresun, Turkey)
9 Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in Almas Basin by Means of the Frequency Rate and GIS Techniques
Page 97-109
Ioan-Aurel IRIMUȘ, Sanda ROȘCA, Mădălina-Ioana RUS, Flavia Luana MARIAN, Ștefan BILAȘCO (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
10 A Ten Years Hail Climatology Based on ESWD Hail Reports in Romania, 2007-2016
Page 110-118
Vasilică ISTRATE, Radu-Vlad DOBRI, Florentina BĂRCĂCIANU, Răzvan Alin CIOBANU, Liviu APOSTOL (Iaşi & Bucureşti, Romania)
11 Inventory and Regeneration Potential of Brownfields Along the D1/A1 Motorway Ostrava (CZ) - Gliwice (PL)
Page 119-138
Jaromír KOLEJKA, Jan ŠTRBÍK, Renata DULIAS (Brno, Czech Republic & Sosnowiec, Poland)
12 Delinking of Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in the Visegrad Group
Page 139-149
János SZLÁVIK, Tekla SEBESTYÉN SZÉP (Eger & Miskolc, Hungary)
13 How local Population Perceive Impact of Brownfields on the Residential Property Values: Some Remarks from Post-Industrial Areas in the Czech Republic
Page 150-164
Kamila TURECKOVA, Stanislav MARTINAT, Jaroslav SKRABAL, Petra CHMIELOVA, Jan NEVIMA (Karvina, Czech Republic)